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For me the main thing of all this is that the cops are focusing in on creative events and letting others pass. (like former events at the Zhou Center sponsored by city)(or a thousands keg parties in Lakeview and LP) With the ordinance floated for extreme regualtions on parties - like i said in my post on A/C - i think this (and other busts) was sort of a response to all the people showing up a city hall. Sadly i think it is a war - and i am a peaceful dude - so the best way to fight it is prevention and doing the red tape work - b/c the cops will when any other way!


i love Robocop


Thank you for linking to the Sun Times article. I did not know that existed. The three floors of the gallery were actually holding three different events. The third floor was posting a widely publicized "self-portrait" exhibit. The first floor was where the Printers Ball was giving away books. If the problems were happening on the 2nd and 3rd floors, it would have been nice if the cops could have shut this activity down without having to kick everyone out of the safe first floor in the process. I think it was more of a danger to herd everyone out into their cars, in the middle of their drinking, when perhaps they assumed they had a few hours to get their grip, than letting them mingle around in a gallery with tight stairways. Also, I am under the assumption that it was an off duty cop who CARDED me at the door and then stamped my hand with an 8 so that I may drink. Was this being done because there WASN'T drinking going on inside? Finally, as I've said in some other more hostile posts, the Chicagoist's comments about my history in Chicago amount to an unfair and rather personal assessment of two-sided struggles that I have had to endure over the years caused by a little band of poets constantly slandering me. They accuse me of gossip yet that is all they do, gossip about me. Notice the hostile conversation doesn't originate with me, nor did it originate with me during all these alleged vendettas during which I am made out to be a "bully" or a Darth Vader with a dark side. Gee, here's an idea, if you don't want to get your a** poetically slapped, stop f***ing with people.

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